PT Series with heat pump

New Winterhalter Innovation for Optimum Room Climate: PT Series with ClimatePlus heat pump. Winterhalter’s PT Series warewashers are already impressive when it comes to cleaning results, speed and economic efficiency. With the newly developed ClimatePlus heat pump, Winterhalter believes it is setting new benchmarks for a better kitchen climate and lower operating costs.

As the first manufacturer to do so, Winterhalter is offering rack pass-through warewashers with a highly efficient heat pump, which takes the thermal energy from both the machine and from the air in the kitchen, using it to warm the tank water and rinse water.

A warewasher that enhances the kitchen climate
When washing with the PT ClimatePlus, the temperature and water content of the exhaust air from the machine are considerably reduced. As a result, the working environment improves noticeably. Independent trials carried out by equipment testing specialist TÜV SÜD in Germany showed that, when washing with the PT ClimatePlus, the heat given off into the room was reduced by 75 per cent compared to a standard PT model. Furthermore, in many cases there is no need to fit an exhaust air hood for the machine, giving additional cost savings.

Maximum Energy Efficiency – minimum running costs
The new ClimatePlus heat pump is part of Winterhalter’s ongoing commitment to develop resource-saving warewashing. Every PT Series model is equipped with a waste water heat exchanger as standard. PT EnergyPlus models also have an exhaust air heat exchanger and reduce energy consumption by 20 per cent. The PT ClimatePlus sets a new benchmark: it uses 53 per cent less energy than a standard model without a heat recovery system. By slashing running costs, the ClimatePlus quickly pays for itself.

Turning kitchen air into energy
The ClimatePlus heat pump not only uses energy from the steam in the machine’s interior to warm the wash water, it also uses energy from warm air in the kitchen. An electrically operated latch controls the switching between the two modes of operation.