Glasswashing detergent


F 33 effect special glasswashing detergent.

Detergent for the effect low temperature washing system.

Use Contents
Especially for washing glasses Especially suitable for washing tea and coffee dishes Especially suitable for washing slightly dirty dining dishware Not suitable for washing containers, trays and work utensils. Not suitable for aluminium Suitable for moderately hard water Not suitable for silver Phosphate free NTA-free

F 33 effect is a liquid, alkali, detergent containing active chlorine for commercial glasswashers. The effect low temperature washing system provides professional glass washing with reduced tank and boiler temperatures, in combination with the special B 250 effect rinse aid. You save on operating costs and improve your room climate with each wash cycle. You get streak free and cool glasses, which are quickly ready for re-use. The effect system is especially suitable for older glasswashers and is immediately ready for use.

Packaging units:
5 l
12 kg

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