Single-Tank Flight Dishwasher
STF Bavaria


    Hygienic Design

    A carefully engineered combination of perfect hygiene and low cleaning costs.

    • Smooth, seamless interior
    • 180° swivelling hygiene doors
    • Deep-drawn hygienic tank
    • Self-cleaning

    Cold Water Rinse

    A cold water rinse deliver glasses that are ready to use.

    • Glasses can be used immediately after washing
    • Good beer head retention
  • Cold Water Rinse
  • Hygienic Design
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STF single-tank flight-type machine.
Glass washing on a conveyor.

The STF Bavaria hygienically and quickly washes large amounts of glasses.

Thanks to the cold rinse, the glasses can be reused directly out of the machine - ideal for festivals, beer gardens and commercial kitchens.

The high performance wash system is capable of removing stubborn residues like grease or lipstick. For lightly soiled glasses, time and money can be saved by using the quick program.

You profit from reliable hygiene and maximum economic efficiency.

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Technical data: Single-tank flight-type

Single-tank flight-type - Standard
Technical Information Unit Standard
Theoretic capacity [mugs/h] 1,800 / 2,800
Speed [m/min] 0.93 / 1.41
Length [mm] 2005
Depth [mm] 800
Height [mm] 1420
Working height [mm] 900
Passage height [mm] 420
Pass-through width [mm] 580
Rinse water volume* [l/h] 420
Tank temperature [°C] 55 - 60 55 - 60
Boiler temperature [°C] Input temperature / 65 (optional) max. 20a
Total connection value (with cold rinse) [kW] 19.7

The technical data provided here are based on an operation under ideal conditions. Depending on the local circumstances, individual values may vary and must be recalibrated on startup..

* Non-binding information. The actual need for rinse water can vary depending on the on-site conditions.