Winterhalter wins the SMART Label Award 2015 – PT ClimatePlus convinces the HOST 2015 panel of judges

In the run up to the industry’s leading international trade fair “HOST” in Milan, Winterhalter, the specialist in commercial warewashing solutions, has won the “SMART Label Award” for the PT ClimatePlus.

From a total of 146 applications, 63 winners with highly innovative products were selected. The "SMART Label Award" is awarded to products that stand out from the crowd for their forward-looking features and set new trends in the industry.

Winterhalter competed for the award with the PT ClimatePlus - the first rack pass-through warewasher in the world with an integrated heat pump. The panel of judges was very impressed that Winterhalter has designed a warewasher that does not heat up the kitchen - quite the opposite: it cools it down. The integrated heat pump of the PT ClimatePlus acts as an air-conditioning system that releases cool, dry air into the room. What is more, no hot steam escapes when opening the hood. This pleasant side effect is just one part of much more: a whole new washing concept. The PT ClimatePlus uses the existing heat intelligently: to heat up the tank and rinse water.

For this purpose, it uses the hot steam from the interior of the machine as well as the room air in the kitchen. At a room air temperature of 25 degrees Celcius, the ClimatePlus releases the exhaust air, which is dehumidified and cooled to around 18 degrees Celcius, back into the room. With 53 per cent enerergy savings compared to a standard warewasher, the PT ClimatePlus also sets standards when it comes to operating costs. Managing Director Ralph Winterhalter is convinced: "The award underlines our leading role as market and technology leader once more and ratifies all our developments in energy- and water-saving technologies."