“Winterhalter Innovation Box” A breath of new life into the kitchens of the world: The PT ClimatePlus live

Winterhalter’s PT Series warewashers are already impressive when it comes to cleaning results, speed and economic efficiency. With the newly developed ClimatePlus heat pump, Winterhalter believes it is setting new benchmarks for a better kitchen climate and lower operating costs.

With a multimedia show in the “Innovation Box”, Winterhalter generates enthusiasm amongst the visitors at the autumn exhibitions and once again demonstrates their capacity to innovate in terms of product development and marketing. In Germany the PT ClimatePlus has already been successfully patented.

“Welcome to the Winterhalter Innovation Box. Today we would like to present to you an outstanding innovation for the commercial kitchens of tomorrow.” With this promising greeting, visitors were welcomed to the Innovation Boxes at the autumn exhibitions “Alles für den Gast” in Salzburg and the “Equip’Hôtel” in Paris.
Using the latest media technology, visitors experience a multimedia show that appeals to all the senses in less than three minutes. Feeling, seeing, hearing, touching and amazement – these are the concepts behind the Innovation Box. The visitor experiences the illusion of being in a busy commercial kitchen with heat, stress and noise; the familiar, sweat-inducing, everyday occurrence that all kitchen staff are familiar with. At this point a PT Series pass-through warewasher with the newly developed ClimatePlus option is turned on. The ClimatePlus heat pump not only uses energy from the steam in the machine’s interior to warm the wash water, it also uses energy from warm air in the kitchen: a world first. What’s more, when washing with the PT ClimatePlus, the temperature and water content of the exhaust air are considerably reduced. The PT ClimatePlus is the first pass-through warewasher in the world to expel cool, dry air into the room. In the enclosed Innovation Box, exhibition visitors noticed such a significant cooling of the ambient air that many could not believe “the incredible drop in temperature”.
The cool air from the ClimatePlus was then further accentuated by a multimedia mix of quiet music and images which conveyed coldness. This demonstrated staying power: the response to the exhibition was filled with enthusiastic customer testimonials. Many compared the impressive effect of the PT ClimatePlus to air conditioning, and even to a “cool box” in some cases. The opinions of expert resellers and planning offices also underlined the positive response: “Indoor climate control and energy savings – an incredible combination.”
Enthusiasm over the Innovation Box spread like wildfire amongst the visitors to the autumn exhibitions in Salzburg and Paris. As a result, in Austria, for example, several hundred people over 200 shows were strongly convinced with all their senses of the advantages of the PT ClimatePlus.

Interested visitors can experience the Winterhalter Innovation Box and the climatising effect of the PT ClimatePlus live for themselves at the following exhibitions:
“Horecava” in Amsterdam from 12th – 15th January 2015 and at the
“Internorga” in Hamburg from 13th – 18th March 2015.