Winterhalter opens new facility

Winterhalter Gastronom GmbH has unveiled a new building. "This commits us to our Meckenbeuren location and also to the Upper Swabia region. We are glad we can move in on time and that we have stuck to budget".

Constant growth and the need for increased capacity meant the 7,300-square-metre building had become necessary. The new production facility houses the assembly for the large dishwashers (MT series) and pass-through dishwashers (PT series).  Sat alongside this are automated testing facilities, logistics, shipping and offices for production departments.

Also integrated into the building is the chemical laboratory and machine development centre. "We are developing our own recipes for detergent and rinse aids so that they are perfectly harmonised with our warewashers. Due to their proximity, these processes are now quicker and we can increase our speed of innovation", explains Ralph Winterhalter.

The building also homes the Winterhalter Academy, a training and events centre for customers, service partners and employees. J├╝rgen Winterhalter: "We attach great importance to skilled personnel. It provides for our service partners, the technicians who attend our certification courses but ultimately it benefits our customers who we can provide the best possible service to.  It also allows personnel to familiarise themselves with our technology."

Bernhard Graeff, technical director at Winterhalter and responsible for the building on the company's side, explains the innovative energy concept of the new building: "On the one hand, we want to use as little energy as possible; on the other hand, as much of this energy as possible should be regenerated and be CO2 neutral. We have insulated the roof, walls and floors and triple glazed the windows. We are using energy-saving lights, automatic air exchange technology, heat pumps and heat recovery.

To produce energy, we have a photovoltaic system on the roof, a geothermal system and a cogeneration unit. Awareness of the environment and resources was a focus of the new building's design, along with the company's products.