Winterhalter India has moved to a new all-in-one facility

Winterhalter India was founded in 2007 and moved in 2017 from a small office to a new 17,000 sq.ft. all-in-one-facility with offices, warehouse, training and showrooms. The office is still in Manesar, New Delhi.

The Indian subsidiary is currently investing heavily in the Indian market. In the last 10 month the branches in Bangalore and Pune have been installed. And the branch in Chennai will open before the end of this year. Until 2019 Winterhalter India plans to open another 7-8 branches across the country. Each of these branches will have a full stock of spare parts, detergents and technical staff.

In an interaction with the India-retailing Bureau, David Owen shared the future plans of the company along with how their journey has been in India. Here are the excerpts from the interview:

Which are your top-of-the-line commercial kitchen appliances and equipment for the Indian market?
In India, Winterhalter has its largest success with our P50 hood model, our Single and Multi Tank machines, dishwashing detergents and water treatment units.

How do you see the market for your products in India with regard to growth in sales, revenue, prepared of the Indian market to accept your products?
In last 3 years, from 2014-2016, the dishwashing market in India grew by ca. 30 per cent, during the same time period sales of Winterhalter products grew by ca. 80 per cent. Therefore, I can see that our products are very well accepted within Indian market and our position in India is steadily improving.

What has been the response of your Indian clients using your appliances with regard to major concerns such as energy efficiency, functionality, environment-friendliness, storage and technology level?
Over the last few years, I have noted that our Indian clients are becoming more aware and increasingly concerned with environmental friendliness and energy efficiency which is very welcoming news for Winterhalter India as it is also a great concern for Winterhalter too.
Winterhalter products and factories are certified according to the Environmental Management System ISO 14001, the Occupational Health and Safety Management OHSAS 18001. The Winterhalter chemicals comply with DIN guidelines DIN10510-10512 and DIN10522 for commercial dishwashing. All Winterhalter chemicals are non-toxic, non-cancerogenic and are free of NTA and EDTA. Especially our Indian produced Detergent F2 is free of phosphates and active chlorine components.

Do your products offer any functional or other competitive advantages over similar products by other sellers in India?
Apart from the quality of our production, sturdiness and the long life of our machines, Winterhalter India specializes and focuses on the complete dishwashing solution i.e we focus on the sale of clean crockery, glasses and thalis etc. through long association with our customers through a supply of good service, detergents and water treatment rather than only selling a dishwashing machine.

Who are your top clients in India?
Our top clients are all the major names in the industrial, HORECA, educational and institutional market segments.

In terms of your sales contribution, what is the share from your different customer segments – hotels, quick serving restaurants, industrial & educational canteens, hospital canteens, caterers, etc.?
Winterhalter focuses on all different customer segments with equal seriousness and importance.

What are the incentives that you offer to your dealers and distributors?
Apart from the normal approved dealers’ commissions, Winterhalter offers it’s dealers an un-paralleled level of service and after sales support within the Indian market.


New address:

Winterhalter India Pvt. Ltd.
Plot No. 269,
Sector-7, IMT Manesar

Phone: +91 (0)124-48797-50
Fax: +91 (0)11 4250-2226
E-mail: infab+o@wiwyyxhnterhplk0alter.eain