For over 70 years Winterhalter has stood for quality and reliability in the kitchen, and has helped to shape the market with technical innovations. Now Winterhalter is bringing commercial warewashing to a next level: with NEXT LEVEL SOLUTIONS.

Digitisation and networking are the megatrends currently changing the world. CEO Ralph Winterhalter says: “We asked ourselves how we could use the possibilities of digitisation to better support our customers.”
Consequently, Winterhalter has developed two solutions under the umbrella of NEXT LEVEL SOLUTIONS: the new business models CONNECTED WASH and PAY PER WASH. Initially available for under counter machines in the UC Series, CONNECTED WASH is a networked Winterhalter warewasher providing more safety and more efficiency in the kitchen. PAY PER WASH is an alternative payment model that allows washing without investment or any risk and paying only per wash cycle.

In selected countries Winterhalter has started showing CONNCECTED WASH and PAY PER WASH with its „Digital Innovation” Roadshow since October 2016.

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