Special rinse aid


B 165 NE Special rinse aid.

Neutral highly concentrated rinse aid for active defoaming.

Use Contents
Conditionally suitable for washing glasses Conditionally suitable for washing tea and coffee dishes Especially suitable for washing dinning dishware Especially suitable for washing containers, trays and work utensils. Suitable for aluminium Suitable for soft water Suitable for silver chlorine free Phosphate free NTA-free

B 165 NE is a neutral rinse aid for active foam dampening for commercial utensil dishwashers. It can be used to wash tools, work utensils an cutlery made of aluminium, stainless steel, plastic and porcelain . Rinse aid B 100 NE is indispensable for the optimal coverage of the items to be washed, for good results and for rapid and spot free drying.

Packaging units:
5 l
10 l

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