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Clear Finish.
Brilliant Cleaning Results

Winterhalter rinse aids ensure a clear finish for an overall perfect wash result.

They ensure outstanding dish coverage and deliver very good run-off and rapid drying. In addition, the ingredients of all Winterhalter rinse aids are up to 100% biodegradable.

Rely on rinse aids which give you streak-free and sparkling cleaning results.

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Glass rinse aid.
For a brilliant finish.

Winterhalter rinse aids provide you with sparkling cleaning results.

Especially suitable for dishes made of glass and porcelain in combination with Winterhalter reverse osmosis systems.






All-purpose concentrate

All-round rinse aid.
For a perfect finish.

Winterhalter all-purpose rinse aids provide you with sparkling wash results for all of your dishes. All-purpose rinse aids can also be used with hard water or for washing items of stainless steel and plastic.



Special concentrate

Perfect Finish.
For special requirements.

Winterhalter special rinse aids provide you with a sparkling wash results and were developed for very special requirements. Thanks to their special recipes, the rinse aids can remove undesired odours or actively reduce foaming. Rely on a perfect wash result for very special additional requirements.