General Kitchen Hygiene

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Cleanliness, hygiene and care.
For the general kitchen.

Winterhalter kitchen hygiene products ensure perfect cleanliness in your general kitchen area.

Winterhalter provides a complete range of products that can be used across the complete kitchen environment and beyond.

Products like all-purpose cleaners, disinfectants and hand care,  deliver cleanliness, hygiene and care throughtout your foodservice area.

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Perfect Hygiene,
Cleaning in the kitchen.

Winterhalter recommends the use of proper kitchen hygiene products for the cleaning in the area of the dishwasher. These provide for perfect cleanliness in your kitchen. The assortment ranges from hand wash to a grill cleaner to stainless steel care. These products effectively remove soils such as grease, and contaminations from surfaces and equipment. Rely on the effective cleaning agents for your kitchen area.


Perfect Hygiene,
Disinfection in the kitchen.

Winterhalter disinfectants guarantee perfect hygiene in the washing room. Bacteria and germs are reliably removed during disinfection of surfaces and floors. You assure hygiene safety in your washing room with disinfectants.

Hand Care

Care and cleaning.
Hand hygiene in the washing room.

Winterhalter hand care products reliably clean and care for your hands. Soaps and disinfectants guarantee hygiene when working in the washing room. The mild hand cream protects and cares for your skin with its special care components.