High-performance Detergent


S 6200 High-performance detergent with oxipower.

Detergent with intensive starch dissolving power.

Use Contents
Not suitable for washing glasses Especially suitable for washing tea and coffee dishes Especially suitable for washing dinning dishware Especially suitable for washing containers, trays and work utensils. Not suitable for aluminium Suitable for moderately hard water Not suitable for silver chlorine free NTA-free

S 6200 is a powder, highly alkaline, odourless detergent with intensive starch dissolving power. Special formulated for commercial dishwashing machines and utensil washers. This high concentrate is compact, intensive and powerful. It proves itself with its bleaching and starch dissolving properties. S 6200 cleans intensively, even on tough stains and dissolves starch powerfully and prevents build-up up of new coatings. It eliminates coffee and tea stains thanks to good bleaching action and proves with the impressive grease dissolving properties. The detergent can be used for the washing of dishes, cutlery and plastic and stainless steel objects.

Packaging units:
2 x 5 kg

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