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Sparkling cleaning results.
Perfect hygiene.

With a wide range detergents which have been developed for all types of washing conditions, Winterhalter can provide detergents that complement any of its range of warewashing systems.

Winterhalter detergents guarantee perfect cleaning results and hygienic cleanliness - especially in volume washing environments.

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Glasswashing detergents

Brilliant Glasses.
Optimal treatment.

Winterhalter glasswashing detergents work with highly effective and at the same time mild ingredients for hygienic wash results and sparkling glasses. Glass corrosion is avoided due to low consumption, decorations are protected and beer foam stability is guaranteed. You get brilliant results from your glass wash.

Bistro detergents

Perfect cleanliness.
For glasses and dishes.

Winterhalter bistro detergents make your glasses sparkle with a mild effect, and hygienically clean your dishes with no residue. The bistro detergents guarantee hygiene and cleanliness when washing glasses and dishes. You get brilliant glasses and perfectly clean dishes.

All-purpose detergents

Strong all-around detergent.
For sparkling dishes.

Winterhalter all-purpose detergents clean absolutely hygienically and make your dishes sparkle. They are also suitable even for very dirty dishes, reliably remove all residues and are particularly strong against grease and protein residue. You can rely on maximum hygiene safety and perfect wash results.

High-performance detergents

Reliable shine.
For stubborn dirt.

Winterhalter high-performance detergents remove even the most stubborn dirt, such as dried on starch residues, and have no odour. Dried on food and in particular starch residues are effectively remove by the excellent starch dissolving strength,and the formation of new starch residue is reliably prevented. This guarantees you perfect cleanliness and hygiene even under difficult conditions.

Utensil detergents

Strong on dirt.
Soft on material.

Winterhalter utensil detergents remove protein and grease contaminations of all time. They clean hygienically clean. At the same time, they offer optimum protection for wares made of sensitive materials, such as aluminium pots. Special ingredients ensure perfect cleaning through active foam dampening. You can rely on an ideal combination of cleaning performance and care for materials when washing the dishes.