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A 140 e Crust cracker formulated for butcher's shops.

Liquid, environmentally friendly, enzymatic pre-cleaner.

Use Contents
Conditionally suitable for washing glasses Conditionally suitable for washing tea and coffee dishes Especially suitable for washing dinning dishware Especially suitable for washing containers, trays and work utensils. Suitable for aluminium Suitable for soft water Suitable for silver chlorine free Phosphate free NTA-free

Liquid, environmentally friendly, enzymatic pre-cleaner for the TurboZyme process especially for removing protein residues. Special formulated for butcher's shops.

After the soaking process, the F 865 Plus aluminium utensil detergent and the B 165 NE special rinse aid ensure excellent cleaning results.

Discover the TurboZyme process for yourself with the new UF utensil washer in combination with the innovative crust cracker.

You can find at the link box our Winterhalter explanatory crust cracker video which demonstrates how this innovative pre-cleaner works.

Packaging units:
10 l

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