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Perfect water. With constant quality.

The external reverse osmosis devices of the AT Excellence Series are winning customers over their consistent delivery of perfect wash results.

The product range includes two external devices, the AT Excellence-S for under counter warewashers and the AT Excellence-M for pass-through warewashers.

Thanks to the AquaOpt function, water is treated until it reaches the desired quality following each wash break.

The operational status of AT Excellence devices are shown on the warewasher display. Faults are detected immediately and can be rectified quickly.

The legally required water safety device (WSD) is already built into the device. The AT Excellence can be connected to the warewasher quickly and easily via plug and play.

Numerous safety devices and intelligent sensors ensure the best possible wash results and optimum protection of the device.

More information on the AT Excellence reverse osmosis devices:

AT Excellence-S reverse osmosis                AT Excellence-M reverse osmosis

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